Monday, February 4, 2013

TSD Tactical Semi-Auto M9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol

This TSD Tactical Semi-Auto M9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol is the initial gas handgun I have actually had, nonetheless I have encounter with gas handguns my good friends have. First of all, I'll claim that I'm incredibly pleased with the construction top quality, appearance, feel, accuracy, run, and assortment of the TSD M9.

The slide and grip are constructed from first class ABS plastic. It doesn't look or feel low-cost whatsoever. Specifically with the clip in it the pistol weighs just about as much as it's true counterpart, which I also own. Many of the internals are steel, which is what actually counts. The slide being made from plastic is a significant turn-off to some, yet it's not without it's benefits: It's lighter then if it were constructed from metal, so less gas is needed to trigger the blowback.

I have no problem firing off 2 full clips on a single gas fee. The clip is usually metal and is among the best parts of this handgun: it holds 24 bb's, which is 10-12 additional bb's then most clips hold. I'll discuss listed here that I use propane as opposed to eco-friendly gas. Green gas is generally gas mixed with a little liquefied silicone, so I simply purchased a small bottle of spray silicone to keep the weapon lubed. Functions fantastic and it costs a lot less compared to environment-friendly gas.

I don't own a chrono, so I cannot point out certainly just how quickly this shoots, but I may state this: This pistol airsoft guns shoots equally quick and challenging as my friends' WE 1911's, which cost 2x more than this TSD M9. A reasonable estimation would be between 300-320 FPS, which is best for CQB.

I'm impressed with the reliability this TSD Tactical Semi-Auto M9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol has. Undoubtedly it's not made nor implied to be a competitive target pistol, yet it's fairly precise to the views, and especially if you know the best ways to shoot a real pistol, you'll have the ability to strike exactly what you're intending at (as long as you aim a little above your target at longer distances) consistantly approximately 100 feet away.

I have two relatively minor grievances: 1. The security doesn't work. I have no idea if it's just mine or if it's merely part of the layout, however the protection turn on my gun doesn't also relocate. I'll be taking my handgun back to the location I got it to ask them concerning it, so if mine's simply broken I'll transform this evaluation, or else this gun NEEDS TO have an operating protection as part of the style. 2. The hop-up isn't modifiable. Not a huge problem, but I choose to utilize.25 gram bb's, and I'm guessing the included hop-up is set for.20 gram, so I will have really liked being able to readjust the hop-up to offer me a bit even more assortment.

Despite these issues, I'm still giving this pistol 5 celebrities due to the fact that it's such a lot. In the long run, it's as highly effective and accurate as handguns twice its cost, but it's constructed from top quality materials that are visiting last so long as you make use of sound judgment when handling it. I highly advise this TSD Tactical Semi-Auto M9 Gas Blowback Airsoft Pistol product!

Product Features

  • 26 Round Gas Magazine, Blowback Function
  • Plastic Body
  • 280 FPS with 0.20g BB's; Semi-auto, Safe select fire
  • Gas not included